Effective August 7, 2018:  The new online utility payment website is currently ready.  ALL customers will need to register on this site as it has no affiliation with the previous site. 

During the registration process:
>You must enter your account number as it appears on your 8/1/2018 bill (new format is “xxxx-xxxxxx-xx”
>To verify your identity, the system will ask for the amount of the most recent payment made on your City of White House Utility account (this information should be on your 8/1/2018 bill)
>To complete the registration, you must confirm your email address once you receive the email


If you need assistance with this process please contact our office at 615-672-4350  x2175 or x2300.



Please note that a $1.25 transaction fee plus a 2.75% convenience fee will be charged for all online & phone payments.  These fees are to cover the operating costs of the online payment site as well as the costs associated with the electronic payment processor.  To avoid these fees ($1.25 & 2.75%) you may pay via any of the following methods: check/money order (by mail, in office, or after-hours drop box) or cash (in office).  You may also pay in office with a debit/credit card to avoid the online $1.25 transaction, however the 2.75% convenience fee still applies.


Please click here to continue on to the online payment website.

If you would like to sign up for the free debit authorization, please click here to fill out the ACH Wastewater form.