Single Stream Curbside Recycling

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Recycling There are many garbage containers full, which means that many of the recyclable materials are not going into the BLUE recycling container.

Please review the information below and try to maximize your recycling efforts!

Remember, if you do something 17 times – it becomes a habit.  So, please make a conscious effort to put your recyclable materials in the BLUE container so our program can meet its goals! 

If you have any questions regarding what can be recycled, please call me, Joe Moss, at 672-3654 and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Please remember that this is an AUTOMATED collection truck, so you need to keep the recycling container:

  1. Near the edge of the road, preferably on a flat surface;
  2. At least 3 Feet away from any obstruction, such as a tree or mailbox.

How does this new recycling program work?

The recycling collection schedule is every other Friday.  You will need to set your new blue container out at the curb, just like you do for the garbage container.

What materials will the new recycling program accept?

  • Newspaper: ONP – old news print, Browser, Word On White House!
  • Cardboard: OCC – old corrugated containers
  • Paperboard: cereal, frozen foods, refrigerated packaging, medicines, toys, etc.
  • Junk Mail: SOP - sorted office paper – coated & uncoated
  • Magazines: Coated and uncoated
  • Plastic: Baggies, bread bags, milk, juice & laundry bottles, plastic parts, etc.
  • Aseptic Containers: juice boxes, milk cartons, etc.
  • Aluminum: foil, pie pans, frozen food pans, soda cans, drink pouches, etc.
  • Steel Cans

Can I put my glass bottles in the new recycling container?

NO GLASS!  There is not an end-market at this time for mixed glass.  Therefore, we cannot accept glass containers at this time.