Living Legacy Tree Program

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The Living Legacy Tree Program provides individuals and organizations with the opportunity to beautify the city park system with trees that honor people and commemorate special events that have occurred in the lives of family and friends. 

Our great park system in White House is continually being cared for to promote and foster the enjoyment of its residents. There is a long history of White House residentscaring about tree preservation and understanding the value of trees. One of the aims of the White House Parks and Recreation Department is to enhance the landscape, and planting commemorative trees for future generations to enjoy is an excellent way to meet that objective. Plus, it is important that tree planting be done on an annual basis so that older trees which are lost by storms, disease, or age related decline can be replaced.

A Living Legacy tree is a unique and wonderful way to honor people for all kinds of reasons, and the honor can last a lifetime. Some may want to dedicate trees to commemorate a birth, marriage, or anniversary. Others may want a lasting symbol of departed loved ones to visit at their convenience. Trees planted like this serve as living memorials for loved ones to cherish. 

Civic organizations may feel compelled to dedicate trees for the beautification of the park system, while businesses may wish to dedicate trees as a tribute to outstanding long-term employees or retirees. 

Your tax-deductible contribution will be used to purchase trees for placement within the White House Park System, including the City Park, Soccer Complex, Northwoods Community Park, City Hall, and a Greenway trailhead area. Donations for one or more trees are gratefully accepted and appreciated. A permanent record will be kept of all Living Legacy trees at City Hall for public viewing. 

If you wish to have the tree permanently marked to remind the public of its significance, the city will order an engraved stone (6” x 12”) and install it for a charge of $150. This includes 20 characters (including spaces). Additional characters are $5.00 each. Up to 40 characters are allowed per stone (4 lines at 10 characters per line). By department policy, no other stones are allowed. 

General Requirements

You may select a tree from the following list: 

  • Oak varieties (Shumard oak, Willow oak, Sawtooth oak, Nuttall oak)
  • Chinese pistache
  • Persimmon
  • Black maple
  • Ginkgo
  • Southern magnolia
  • American holly
  • American yellowwood
  • Balld cypress
  • Japanese zelkova
  • Lacebark (Chinese) elm
  • Kentucky coffee tree

Fee schedule: $195 per tree. This will purchase a deciduous tree that is at least 1.75” in diameter or an evergreen that is at least 7 ft. tall.

The White House Parks Department will supply and plant the tree. Trees will be watered at time of planting and during drought stress conditions during the first year of establishment. Typical pruning, mulching and fertilizing will be dependably performed by city staff. The City will transplant or replace any Living Legacy Tree threatened by land use or site changes during the lifetime of the tree. 

We will gladly assist you in selecting the appropriate species for your chosen location. Please indicate on the application which location you would like to have a tree planted in. In some cases, the Parks Department may need to recommend an alternate park location. 

All tree donations are recorded in the Living Legacy Tree Register at the White House Municipal Building where it is easily accessible to the public. This book permanently records the tree donor, tree species, location, date of planting, and the person or event commemorated. All participants receive a Living Legacy Tree Recognition Certificate. 

What is the schedule for ordering and planting trees? Individuals are encouraged to call year round. Tree planting will usually take place from October 1st - April 1st annually.


Living Legacy Tree Program Application