Hillcrest Municipal Cemetery FAQs

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Are there any restrictions on placing a stone to mark a grave?

Yes, there are restrictions.

All head stones must either be on a base stone, or flush with the ground. (No slants or beveled markers)

Government/Military markers (VA) must be flat markers. No upright government/military markers are allowed. VA flat bronze, flat marble, and flat granite markers are accepted.

All foot markers must be flush with the ground. Minimum size of foot markers is 7” x 14”.

All monument foundations are concrete and are poured by the City of White House. It is strongly suggested that you contact the City of White House Parks and Recreation Department Cemetery Division to verify and insure that the type of monument that you wish to have installed meets cemetery requirements. The number is 672-4350 ext. 2114. After the size and type of monument or marker has been selected, monument companies should complete the Foundation Request Form and forward this form (with the appropriate fee) to the City of White House Cemetery Division at 105 College Street, White House, TN 37188. We ask that you allow 10 days for completion of the foundation. The cost for foundations is 25¢ per square inch. The foundation fee is paid by the monument company to the City of White House-Hillcrest Cemetery, which means that cost is passed along to the purchaser as part of the cost of setting the monument or marker. 

Hillcrest Cemetery Rules and Regulations


What does a grave at the Hillcrest Municipal Cemetery cost?

All graves are $750 each. Cash or check only.

Hillcrest Cemetery Rules and Regulations


Are Veterans’ Administration (VA) markers allowed at the Hillcrest Cemetery?

Only VA markers that are flush with the ground are permissible in the Hillcrest Cemetery

Hillcrest Cemetery Rules and Regulations


How much does the opening/closing of a grave cost?

The fee is $650 if a grave marker is already present. If a marker is not present, the fee is $850. The $200 difference is a deposit that will be refunded if the grave is properly marked within one year. Otherwise, the city will retain the $200 to place a flush marker to identify the grave.

Hillcrest Cemetery Fee Schedule


How do I obtain ownership of lots purchased by my deceased ancestors?

Present a probated will.


Present an affidavit of heirship. An affidavit of heirship provides evidence of family history, so that the City can conclude who legally inherited the property owned by the deceased person.