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Chief Joe Palmer

Serving Since: July 1, 1989

Chief Joe Palmer is from White House and graduated from White House High School in 1979. He began serving as a volunteer firefighter in 1981 and served in that capacity until 1989. At which time the City of White House Fire Department became a combination fire department and hired their first three full-time firefighters. In 1997 he was appointed training officer of the department. In August 1999 he was appointed as fire chief. He is a state certified fire officer, fire inspector, firefighter, fire instructor, and medical first responder. Chief Palmer is a member of the Tennessee Fire Chiefs Association and the Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Association. 


FF Jimmy Johnson

Fire Inspector Jimmy Johnson
Serving Since: February 27, 2008



Secretary Vicky Vaughn



Captain Kevin Holman

Serving SinceJuly 1, 1989


Captain Rob Brewer 

Captain Rob Brewer

Serving Since: April 19, 2004

Captain Shawn Railey

Serving Since: March 6, 2001


FF Richard Dorris

Firefighter Richard Dorris 

Serving Since: May 22, 2001

FF Cary Petitt

Firefighter Cary Petitt

Serving Since: August 28, 2008


Firefighter Brad Williams 

Serving Since: August 31, 2008

FF Matthew Detlefsen

Firefighter Matthew Detlefsen

Serving Since: July 7, 2009


FF Keith Jerde

Firefighter Keith Jerde

Serving Since: July 8, 2009

 FF Patrick McLaughlin

Firefighter Patrick McLaughlin

Serving Since: May 24, 2010


FF Michael Fisher

Firefighter Michael Fisher

Serving Since: August 24, 2010

Firefighter Brandon Crimmons

Firefighter Brandon Crimmons

Serving Since: June 1, 2014


FF Ronny Vradenburg

Firefighter Ronny Vradenburg

Serving Since: May 14, 2016