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To search for 2017 & Prior year’s PAID property taxes CLICK HERE

To search for 2018 – Current year’s PAID property taxes OR to pay any year’s unpaid property taxes CLICK HERE
Please note that a $1.25 transaction fee plus a 2.75% convenience fee will be charged for all online payments.  These fees are to cover the operating costs of the online payment site as well as the costs associated with the electronic payment processor.  To avoid these fees ($1.25 & 2.75%), you may pay via any of the following methods:  check/money order, (by mail, in office, or after-hours drop box) or cash (in office).  You may also pay in office with a debit/credit card to avoid the online $1.25 transaction fee, however the 2.75% convenience fee still applies.

City property taxes are due from October 1 through the end of February.  Any unpaid property taxes as of March 1 are considered delinquent and will accrue monthly interest at a rate of 1.5% (18% annually) to be assessed on the 1st of every month.